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ILGC 2024 Committee

President: Lorraine Robson        
Jan Hansson
Secretary: Janine Breadmore          
Treasurer: Jill Hillier         
Louise Cameron       
Vice Captain 
Mandy Nesbitt

Asst Secretary: 

Asst Treasurer: Tania Rostan


Lorraine Robson, Jan Hansson, Louise Cameron, Janine Breadmore, Jill Hillier, Mandy Nesbitt, Thelma Wendt, Joan Skene, Noeleen Curry, Debbie Biggs.

Match Committee:

Lorraine Robson, Jan Hansson, Janine Breadmore, Louise Cameron, Mandy Nesbitt

Feel free to approach any of us with any issues.

 2024 Committee (sans Thelma)

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