ILGC Members are asked to remember

1. Daily Procedure - Registration before play each Thursday

Two Members will be on Desk Duty from 7:00am for Registration

Upon arrival it is a requirement that you unpack your golf buggy and clubs and be ready

for play before you enter the Clubhouse. You will then:

  1. Pay your Green Fees in the Pro Shop and then proceed into the Clubrooms.

  2. Obtain a Score Card from the computer (unless otherwise instructed on the day). 

  3. Write your name and daily handicap marked on your Score Card in the Competition Book.
    The Desk Duty Members will organise groups to play in allocated time slots.
    There is no need to wait, your fellow players will find you.

  4. Read the details of play on the whiteboard.

  5. Place a competition fee of $3 in the envelope provided and pop in the wooden box.
    (This fee covers the hire of the function room.)

  6. Fill in your Lunch Order on the form provided on desk before leaving room.

  7. Now is the time to practice your swing, putting etc. before your game.

  8. The first tee-off time is 7:30am and the rest of the field hit off at eight (8) minute intervals.

  9. The Books close at 8:00am. If you arrive after that time, you are able to play at the end of the field but will not be in the competition of the day.

  10. You are expected to be at the 1st Tee 10 minutes prior to hit off.

  11. Please mark your card with a blue/black pen.
    The computer has difficulty reading pencil and does not read a red pen


2. End of the Day

 Ensure the score card is completed and checked with playing partner.

 It is good practice to read out what you have on your card to ensure a match.

 Your playing partner is the “Marker” of your card.

 Her name should be written under your name with her handicap.

 Ensure both your signatures are on the card before submitting.

 Run your card through the computer and carefully check results.

 Sometimes scores are not picked up and manual adjustment is required.

 Once score confirmed, put tick in top RH corner and give to the Captain.

 Collect and pay for your lunch and sit with your team mates until meeting starts.


3. Members’ Duties

Members are asked to do “Desk Duty” once or twice a year. This means getting to the

Club a little earlier than usual and, with the aid of another member, to organise the play

off groups for the day.


4. Uniform

ILGC uniform colours are light blue and navy. Our uniform changed in 2018 due to a

change in supplier, but the old uniform is still permitted to be worn on the Ivanhoe golf

course only. Photos of our current uniform can be found on our website with the name of

the person to contact in relation to same.

It is a requirement of our Club that the current ILGC uniform be worn when representing

our Club at other Clubs and playing Pennant. Refer to your Syllabus Book for other

required occasions.

5. Speed of Play

The time taken for an 18-hole game depends initially upon the game played, however,

there are a number of factors that can contribute to an excessive length of time for one

round of golf. The yardstick used is to aim for four (4) hours, however, this can be a

challenge due to lost balls, muddy course and a number of other vagaries, so it can take a

little longer. A five (5) hour round is deemed not acceptable under any circumstances.

For those players at the back of the field, slow play means they are constantly waiting to

play their next shot, lose their momentum and, on occasions, their pleasant demeanour.

One cause of slow play is looking for lost balls. Golf is a game where you lose balls and

tees from time to time. Accepting this and avoiding unnecessary hunting will save time.

You are allowed 3 minutes to find a lost ball. If you lose a ball on each hole, time spent

looking for them is 3 mins x 18 holes = 54 minutes!

There a number of things that can be done to keep the field moving and here are a list of

the tricks of the trade:

 At the second tee, the first player tees off before marking their card.

 “Ready Golf” is to be practised at all times when permissible.

 Be ready to have your shot. Be thinking about it while others have their turn.

 All players to watch where each other hits to help locate position.

 Walk briskly to your ball.

 Keep aware of what is happening to your playing partner.

 Hit your ball first before helping your partner find theirs.

 Limit your practice swing to one per shot.

 Carry all clubs that might be needed when chipping and putting near the green.

 Be aware if it is your turn to tend the flag and move briskly to the flag.

 If possible, putt out rather than keep marking the ball.

 If you are playing Stableford, pick up when you can’t score.


REMEMBER: 1 minute wasted on each hole = 18 minutes per game.

6. Who to Contact with a Query?

At the front of your Syllabus Booklet, you will find a list of the current Committee Members.

Any Committee Member will be happy to help you and redirect your query if they can’t.


The Committee has developed a good working relationship with Management over the

years, and any concerns you may have in relation to the course, amenities, food etc.

should be directed to a Committee Member who will address these through the correct


If you are unsure about anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact a Committee

Member either by phone or email. They have learnt many things over the years through

the eyes of a newcomer and are always striving to update information and correct any