Information for new members:

1. ILGC is managed by a Committee whose responsibilities include:

  •  syllabus design and competitions

  •  financial management

  •  administration of By-Laws, Local Rules, Match Play decisions

  •  fund raising for select charities.

2. If you are able to stay for lunch after the weekly competition, it is usual to sit with your fellow team members.  Once all players have returned to the Clubhouse, the President will pass on any relevant news or information, and the Captain will announce the weekly winners and hand out the prizes.

Trading Table:  as noted above, we raise funds for charity, and the Trading Table is a good way for the Club to increase its revenue.  If you have anything you would like to donate, please bring it along and either put a price on it or leave it up to someone's judgment about how much they wish to pay.  One of our members donates home-made muffins each week to sell on the Trading Table.

3. We play a variety of competitions, including:

 - Stableford

 - Monthly Medal

 - Matchplay

 - 4 Ball Better Ball (4BBB)

 - Chapman Foursomes

 - Canadian Foursomes

 - Ambrose Threesomes

 - Split 6's

4. Handicaps are arranged through our Handicapper, who will get you to play with someone who can mark your first three cards to calculate an appropriate handicap.  Each week your card will be logged on the GolfLink system and will automatically update your Handicap for the following week.  Most new golfers will begin on a Handicap of 45, the maximum allowed for women.

5. Life Members - ILGC has a number of Life Members who have made a significant contribution to the Club.  Some of our Life Members are also current playing members, however, the majority attend the Club only occasionally.  We host an annual lunch to recognise our Life Members.

6. Annual Trip - Each year a special committee organises a trip for members, to experience a different course and also to enjoy one another's company.  These trips are usually 3 nights and include some serious competition as well as many fun events.  They are a great opportunity to get to know other club members.