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By Laws, Rules and Policies

Ivanhoe Ladies Golf Club (ILGC) is regulated by a number of rules and policies.

As an incorporated entity (Ivanhoe Ladies Golf Club Inc), we are governed by our Model Rules. These are  provided by Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV). These outline the governance of the club as an incorporated association. They list the rights and responsibilities of members and office holders. 

We also have a set of our own By Laws. These are specific to the operation of our association as a golf club. These  supplement the Model Rules but cannot override them.

Our Code of Conduct policy has been reworked to fit in with new State Government recommendations.  It is now called the 'Fair Play Code'.  This policy mainly outlines conduct between members and is there to ensure people can play in a friendly and safe environment. 

We have a Child Safe policy in line with state Government recommendations. 

Ivanhoe Ladies Golf Club also accepts and abides by the spirit and terms of Sport Integrity Australia's (SIA) anti Doping program and Anti Doping policy. 

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